Recent changes to this wiki:

Adding cifversion to the output data structure
Fixing the central function name of the parser API: parse_cif() -> parse()
Changing '' to '' so that people use the slave server by default.
Describing a problem with client-side locale sensitivity
Removing ':' from section names
Correcting the weblink of the "Web search form".
Reformatting the last citation
Removing extra commas, adding 'the' in from of the 'COD'.
Adding a short description about the chemical composition comparison.
Adding a link to an example of Perl representation of a simple CIF file
Describing the data structure
Adding TOC
Adding subsection "Further reading"
Adding a note on option usage in parser APIs
Adding a short note on option usage in cif_filter and other scripts
Adding a page with COD CIF parser options
Replacing 'tag' -> 'data item'
Adding a list of considered data items for temperature, pressure and their histories
Adding description of _chemical_compound_source comparison
Adding link to the STFC Chemical Database Service
Adding the MolView link.
Adding a page link where one can search for figshare 3D models of COD structures.
trunk/ (
Removing angle brackets from the svn: URLs.
Fixing an error in URL.
replacing double dashes with actual ndash
Adding information about COD record versioning.
Changed persistent COD URLs to mention the database explicitely using the cod/ prefix.
Describing how to obtain TCOD
Adding references to the most recent papers
Changed "are" to "is"
Fixing a typo
Describing _cod_duplicate_entry CIF tag
Adding a link to "duplicate entry" page, pretty-formatting a CIF tag
Adding a short description of COD duplicate entry policy
Updating Ubuntu version, adding some clarifications
Creating a personal page
Adding a link to v1.0
Updated the error message in the example.
Fixing a few typos.
Rewording some sentences and changing the link to the COD mirror list.
Updated the layout of the COD mirrors paged and added a link to Crystallography Online.
Corrected wording in several sentences.
Changing the capitalisation of the BibTeX format name.
Changing the capitalisation of the BibTeX format name.
Adding a link to cod-tools manual page
Adding proper page title
Fixing a typo
Adding a citation of Merkys2016.
Fixing dashes; -typo
Listing the deposition types
Adding info from
+links to deposition types (redlinks for now)
Adding links to WinXMorph and WinTensor programs.
Adding links to DataWarrior and its data files based on the COD.
Adding XML description link
Describing celltemp and diffrtemp with sigmas
Removing doubled column.
Adding links to citations in various formats.
Adding license, citation and TOC
Adding descriptions of 'nel', 'sg' and 'sgHall'
Removing table class.
Adding a few more fields.
Adding internal link to COD MySQL schema description.
Starting to describe COD MySQL database schema
Setting the title using "meta title"
Adding internal link to COD ID page.
Adding internal links to not existing (yet) "COD ID" page.
Refreshing and wikifying the links
Removing '<' and '>' from URLs, as they are not rendered as links in script mode.
Setting the title using "meta title"
Setting the title using "meta title", changing the link to "How to obtain COD"
Setting the title using "meta title"
bellow -> below
Fixing local links to non-existing wiki pages
Fixing meta redir
Fixing meta title
+cctbx symmetry explorer
Adding two software links
Redirecting the "news" link to teh original COD news page, since the Wiki "news" page was incomplete and editing two locations is too much work.
Adding links to AMCSD and MPOD
Adding more useful links: IUCr, CIF, CML
Creating the "Useful links" page. Adding a link to J. Steed's group Web page and High Z' database.
Adding the "Useful links" Wikilink
Fixing the text after switching from .tbz2 to .txz archives.
Changing "COD" to "the COD"
Changing "authors" to "depositors"
Corrected wording in several sentences, and a spelling mistake
Correcting a spelling mistake in 'depositingtocod '.
Removing words "position however may be discussed if needed".
Adding initial text about how to deposit structures to COD