Citing ROD

ROD is an academic project that has been reported in peer reviewed publications. If you use ROD in your own research, please cite the following paper:

  • El Mendili, Y., Vaitkus, A., Merkys, A., Gražulis, S., Chateigner, D., Mathevet, F., Gascoin, S., Petit, S., Bardeau, J.-F., Zanatta, M., Secchi, M., Mariotto, G., Kumar, A., Cassetta, M., Lutterotti, L., Borovin, E., Orberger, B., Simon, P., Hehlen, B., & Le Guen, M. (2019). Raman Open Database: first interconnected Raman–X-ray diffraction open-access resource for material identification. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 52(3), 618-625. doi: 10.1107/s1600576719004229 (BibTeX, plain text)